About The Author

The author of every piece on this website, unless otherwise specified, is Ryan Bordow.
(Full disclosure: that includes this third person description. He promises it is factual.)

Ryan Bordow is the film critic for AZ Big Media magazine and its corresponding website, and the founder of Sitting In The Cinema. His primary passions lie in the worlds of cinema, philosophy, and religion; and he enjoys delving into these interests through writing, analysis, and communication. He relishes the creative spaces offered up by the human experience. 

He is currently in his terrible twenties, attempting to find ways to synthesize his interests and skills into a financially viable future. At the moment, this involves getting his Masters in Film and Media Studies, and formulating plans to pursue higher education later on. He hopes that some readers are here because they are looking to employ a writer of wry words, student of artistic sentiment, or teacher of tenable truths.

When he's not sitting in a cinema or stringing sentences together, he loves to travel the world, read challenging ideas, question authority structures, and date a wonderful woman. He resides in the sometimes-great state of Arizona—for now.

Contact him at Like Sitting In The Cinema on Facebook for social media updates.